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What is a flight delay compensation claim?
If you have experienced a flight delay (more than 3 hours), denied boarding or cancellation then you may be eligible to make a claim for flight delay compensation against the airline that you were travelling with. Under European Union Regulation (EC) 261/2004, passengers are entitled to claim up to $700 per person for the inconvenience and loss of time suffered as a result of the delay.
How do I open a case with Africlaim?
To open a case with Africlaim, you need to enter your flight details into our online form. This step only take few minutes. A claims specialist will review your claim to determine if you have a good claim or not. And yes, it is completely free to submit a claim!
Are my documents secure with Africlaim?
Yes they are very secure! We comply with EU data protection laws, so your data is safe with us. If you wish, you may contact us at any time and request that your information is deleted from our database.
Am I eligible to claim?
You may be eligible for compensation if you have experienced a delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight within the past 4 years. If a passenger’s claim meets the four criteria below, they will more than likely have a right to claim against the airlines.
  • Flight departed within the last 6 years?
  • Flight took off or landed in the EU, or flight was with an EU airline?
  • Flight delayed for more than 3 hours?
  • Delay was the airline’s fault and not “extraordinary circumstances”
If you are unsure or can’t remember if the criteria above applies to your flight, you can contact us directly to use our free flight claim checker to get an instant result on whether your delay is claimable.
Can I submit on behalf of someone else?
Yes, you may submit on behalf of passengers you were on board with. You can also submit on behalf of a passenger even though you were not a passenger. Take note that the affected passenger will be contacted directly. You should not list yourself as a passenger in the claim.
How much compensation will I receive?
You can claim flight delay compensation worth up to €600. This amount varies based on the length of your delay and flight distance.
How do I get paid?
Upon completion of your successful claim, you will have the choice of 4 payment methods in any currency of your choice.


  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer (Manual & International)
  • PayPal
My flight was part of a packaged holiday. Am I still entitled to compensation?
Yes, package travelers have the same rights and claims under the Air Passenger Rights Regulation.
"No Win, No Fee", what does this mean?
Our "No Win, No Fee" policy simply means that in the unlikely event that we handle your case and your claim is unsuccessful, we won’t charge you a thing. Africlaim do not charge any up-front fees, we take our fees from the compensation that you are awarded so you never have to deal with surprise legal bills or any hidden costs.
What information do I need to start my claim?
Some of the vital information required on our online claim form include:
  • Your flight number
  • The date you were scheduled to fly
  • The name of the airline
  • The airports you were flying from and to
  • A booking reference or e-ticket
My flight was delayed/cancelled, I was departing from a non EU country on a non EU based airline to an EU destination. Am I entitled to compensation?
No, the EU regulations do not apply to flights between an airport in a third country and an airport in an EU member state operated by an airline not based in the EU.
Do I need to pay to get my compensation claim?

No, you don’t have to. Africlaim operates on a no win, no fee basis. If your claim application is successful, Africlaim will charge 21% of the compensation claim.

How far back can I claim?
You have up to 6 years from the date of the flight to make a flight compensation claim.
How long does it take before I get my compensation?
The processing time of each claim varies from case to case. The particulars of each flight, airline and legal situation all influence the length of time your case will take to resolve. An exact specification is therefore not possible; however, we will always keep you up to date regarding the status and progress of your claim.
My delay was less than three hours but it caused me to miss my connecting flight. Do I have a claim?
If a disrupted flight caused you to miss your connection and you arrived at your final destination with a delay of over three hours, you are able to make a claim with us. The flights must have been booked under the same reservation number and operated by the same airline, or with airlines that operate under a codeshare agreement (e.g. British Airways and American Airlines). If you are unsure about whether or not you can include your connecting flight in your claim, please include any connections when you create your case and we will check for you
I booked my flight with a non EU airline from an EU country to a third country and my flight was cancelled/delayed. Am I entitled to compensation?
Yes the EU regulation is applicable to airlines not based in an EU member state provided the delay/cancellation occurred in the airport of an EU member state.
I am departing a third country to an EU member state with an airline based in an EU member state but my flight was delayed/cancelled. Am I entitled to compensation?
Yes. The EU regulation is applicable to flight departing from a third country to an EU member state provided the airline boarded is based in an EU member state


What are "Extraordinary Circumstances"?
These are simply situations out of the Airline's control.


Scenarios Classed as Extraordinary Circumstances (Can’t Claim)
  • Acts of terrorism or sabotage
  • Industrial action (strikes unrelated to airline such as baggage handlers, or air traffic control)
  • Political or civil unrest
  • Security risks
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Hidden manufacturing defects
It is important to note that technical defects do not come under ‘extraordinary circumstances’ despite what other consumer websites say.
Should I keep all my flight documents?
Yes! Please keep any flight documents you have as these may be necessary for the process of your claim and if the matter escalates to court, it will be needed as exhibits. Documents include your booking confirmation, boarding passes and delay/cancellation confirmation. If you travelled to/from Spain, France or Italy, or flew with an airline that is based in one of these countries, boarding passes are especially important.
Does it matter how much my flight ticket cost?
The laws around flight compensation are there to compensate passengers for the loss of time and inconvenience caused by long flight delays and cancellations. The amount of compensation you can claim is a fixed sum between €250 and €600, based on the length of your delay and flight distance: It is not related to the price you paid for your ticket. You must have paid a publicly available fare to be able to claim flight compensation i.e. if you paid a reduced ticket price using a staff discount then you cannot claim.
What costs are incurred by Africlaim when processing my claim?
Africlaim operates on a no-win no-fee basis which means that there is absolutely no financial risk to you. Some of the complementary costs we incur when processing your claim include:
  • Drafting and sending a formal legal letter to the airline
  • An expert report to combat ‘technical defect’ arguments if required (up to £750)
  • An expert report to combat ‘weather’ arguments if required
  • Drafting of court proceedings if required
  • Court fees if requires (average £150)
  • A specialist flight delay lawyer to represent you in court (if required)
  • Call airtime spent on contacting Airlines
Can I claim by myself?
Yes you can. In the event of you pursuing your flight claim yourself there will be some upfront costs for you to pay. You will also need to write letters, read up on the regulations, prepare court proceedings, and attend court. You will also spend about 22 work-hours (spread over months, in some cases years) battling the airline. With our current success rate of 98%, you greatly increase your chances of getting paid when filing with us and also we work towards saving you a lot of time and stress!
My delay was less than three hours. Am I still entitled to compensation?
No, you are not entitled to compensation if your flight was delayed for less than three hours. It does not matter if the circumstances were beyond the control of the airline nor the delay was caused by the airline. However, you are entitled to free food and drinks and two telephone calls, mails and faxes.
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