Get Paid For Flight Delay


1. General provisions

All capitalized terms provided in the Price List are described in detail in our Terms of service.

2. No fee for submission of the Claim

Africlaim pursues the Claim free of charge and does not charge anything if the Flight Compensation is not recovered from the flight operating carrier (airline).

3. Africlaim remuneration

Africlaim guarantees that the client will always get the right amount of compensation in their preferred currency, despite the fact that Africlaim may be paid in another currency by the Airline company and incur fees and foreign exchange (FX) costs related to receiving the funds. Africlaim will therefore never reduce the amount under EC261 with potential FX cost and bank charges related to receiving the funds.

4. Service Charge

Our service charge is deducted from the compensation you receive from the Airline company. The Client shall pay a Service Fee of 25% of received Flight Compensation (excluding applicable VAT).

5. Value Added Tax (VAT)

The VAT is established by the law and, if applicable, will be specified according to the law.